equalitea cleanser for pride month + how we're making a difference

Dear reader, 

The start to Pride Month 2020 was not what anyone expected as the country and world continues to react to police brutality and the unjust murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  June has been unofficially designated as a time to continue fighting against racism, homophobia, and police brutality in our communities, as the first "pride" was a riot started at the Stonewall Inn by a black trans woman. I stand in solidarity with my/our black and brown neighbors in pushing back against police brutality and the systems that target black Americans.

(If you're interested in viewing a presentation I created for my French course that discusses how la Marche des Fiertés in Paris is a celebration and a protest, click here {it is in French, though.})

I'm a bit at odds when deciding what to do with the Vérité Skincare name during June, as I want to show support for the LGBTQ+ community but I don't want to contribute to rainbow pinkwashing that runs rampant through corporate America, trying to extract as many dollars as possible through the use of a rainbow logo.  It's my personal goal to use the channels available to me to fight for equality which includes this business.  I am not afraid to step on toes to spread this message and if people don't like this message of equality and inclusion, I don't want their business.

This year, I've decided to launch a specific cleanser and donate a portion of the profits to local organizations.  This will not just be a pride month thing, it will continue past June because being a person of color or queer is not something that happens 1/12 of the year.

A quick note on that, though.  I am not familiar with how donations of such type work tax-wise, so it will be a little bit before I figure out where it will be going.  In addition, I am a bit cash-strapped in preparing for the Rockford City Market, so I don't have a definite amount or percent to announce that I will donate.  I will be sure to reach out and update this post/create a new one when those details are figured out.

equalitea cleanser - available now - $14 for 4 fl. oz.

This cleanser features green tea extract which naturally contains a bit of caffeine and soothing constituents that are great for the skin.  In addition, bergamot peel oil provides a light bergamot scent reminiscent of earl grey tea (my favorite).

I will continue to support our communities under attack in every way possible, 

Evan Weightman
Vérité Skincare, LLC

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